JO&AL Consultants

Connect with numerous clients seeking your services. We will match your skills and expertise with the perfect jobs.


How it works

Register as a consultant

The first step is to fill the registration form with bio-data and skills. The information filled in the form should include portfolio/CV for verification purposes. Sample work can also be uploaded here. Registration fee is $2 per month for freelancers and $10 per month for companies/agencies. However, there is 30% discount for annual subscription. After registration, the consultant will be able to view and apply for both internal company jobs and those posted by external clients.
View and apply for jobs

After registering, the freelancer/company/business can view the available jobs and apply. Clients are able to make orders via the Consulting Shop. Bidding also applies in this step, and the client has a chance to interview and select the preferred consultant. The internal quality assurance team also assists clients in verifying the right consultants for jobs.
Match with the client

Once the client has selected the preferred consultant and paid, they are matched and allowed to proceed with the job. The company support team will assist in this process. A consultant can only begin working once the client has made payment to the company. Bid division between the consultant and the company is 85:15 percent. Progressive payment is allowable in particular jobs.

Once the client approves the work, the consultant will be paid 85 percent of the bid amount. Quality and timeliness is critical at this stage. It is vital for the consultant to be in constant communication with the support team and client through out the working process.

Like in any business arrangement, disputes are bound to arise. The dispute resolution team will be responsible for handling disagreements between consultants and clients. The resolution period is within 14 days. All relevant evidence should be submitted in time for timely resolution process. Note that the company has a return policy for dissatisfied clients, which means that it is the duty of consultants to meet all job requirements.
Internal Jobs

You can apply for our internal jobs to work as a consultant on our in-house projects. You will be able to set your preferred bid for the jobs. However, continuous quality assurance will be maintained. The advantage here is that once selected by the company, you will not have to compete with other freelancers and agencies for jobs.